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The Freewebstore opened its doors for the first time during 2007. This is an internet-based company interested in becoming involved with increasing sales while helping others. What better way to reach out to shoppers. Creating a product such as Freewebstore is making life a little easier. There are people having great difficulty with travel and shopping. This is an avenue where they can search at their leisure for the item or items they are interested. here you can also create your free eCommerce website with freewebstore.

In the beginning, it was unknown how Freewebstore was going to be accepted. Will people seek out their site or continue to shop as they have in the past by allowing time for traveling back and forth. People eventually gravitated to Freewebstore and other sites very similar to a multitude of reasons. People employed are left with the weekday evenings, Saturday and Sunday to travel to the local stores to purchase the items they require.

People remaining in their home because they have young children to care for have a choice to make. Do they remain in the home, taking care of their children until they can find a babysitter? Some are brave and will pack up everything required and take the children to the stores with them. Have you or someone you know had these choices to make just to go to the local store?

Their others inflicted with medical difficulties making it hard to travel. They are forced to wait until a family member or friend can spend the time taking them where they need to go. Perhaps you are one of the people mentioned above and you are now grateful there is another way to accomplish many of the same tasks in an easier fashion. Freewebstore could mean salvation to you, your family, and millions of other people.

Freewebstore Products

The products at Freewebstore are plentiful and this may be a better way to shop or to sell products of your own. Think about it. You can be a leisure shopper and sell items of your choice at the same time while never leaving your home or apartment. A few of the product categories are listed below for your convenience. If you are interested in setting up a site of your own Freewebstore offers you the tools at your fingertips.

  • Image Editor and Slideshow.
  • Auto GFX and Theme Editor.
  • Google Maps for directions and Social Media.
  • Instagram Galleries and Logos & Banners.
  • Design Library and a Switch Design.

The products that are placed through Freewebstore are viewable within minutes for you to decide to purchase. If you are selling your items, exposure to your product or products is good. Shopping for products of all types is relaxing and not as time-consuming, but if you are selling products. Freewebstore offers five different plans for you to choose ranging from twelve dollars a month to one hundred fifty dollars a month. This would be something to take into consideration if you are considering an online business of your own or have a few items you want to offer for sale.


There are opportunities offered with Freewebstore, but it will depend upon what you are thinking of accomplishing. Are you interested in purchasing an item or items? Are you interested in opening an online store to have the opportunity to sell your own item or items? Either way you are being afforded an opportunity. The difference is which side of the coin you feel most comfortable with, buying or selling. Perhaps you are the adventurous type and are considering both options.

If you are interested in purchases then you need to follow Freewebstore and scroll down the items list until you find the category you are searching. Purchases are through website pay access. This website does not indicate if they take credit cards so this remains uncertain. However, it you are still interested and want to try you can sign up for a website pay access account within minutes.

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The Good

There is much to say regarding Freewebstore because they are offering much in the way of tools for you to utilize to enhance your products. You will be afforded the right to use the tools that they offer, some of which are listed above. If you have personal photographs you will be walked through the segment that will permit you to add your photographs.

There is a space set aside for just about anything you could want or need and the Freewebstore has simplified the entire process in order for you to have an enjoyable experience while you are designing your personal site. Now, how exciting is that going to be for you? When you have made your decision and are ready to begin you will need to ask for and receive an API key first. Then you will be able to request a Client Identification number, offering you the privilege of browsing through the Freewebstore anytime you may be interested.

The Bad

The one major downside to the Freewebstore is the fact that you will not be able to access all of the credit cards. What this does is to limit what your customers will be able to purchase and pay for purchases made at any given time. Although the Freewebstore is a good internet site, lacking in the availability of all credit cards makes it difficult for people to shop the way they are accustomed when they enter a brick and mortar building.

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If you are interested in taking the plunge and open an internet store to post your item or items this is a good way to begin. Read the information on the different packages they offer before you decide which of the five monthly packages are right for your budget. Now you must decide which item or items you want to enter into your new internet store. Be sure to follow the sequential steps in order to avoid any difficulties that you may come across. There are plenty of tools available to enhance to stay at the Freewebstore.


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