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See how too much research can actually confuse you more when choosing between the two web hosting. Which is more recommended to host the best e-commerce software you have in mind. Our result may shock you. Discover why we gave them the web host rating.

Would you agree that there are people who believe Godaddy is better than Weebly? That is because they do not know the right way to compare and find the best hosting provider. Here are 3 ways to check that your website will have the best home, a.k.a hosting.

What are Past and Present Customers Saying about Godaddy and Weebly?

If you need help choosing the better e-commerce hosting between Godaddy and Weebly in terms of customer support, our latest research finding may be useful to you. If you are thinking of using either OSCommerce, ZenCart, CubeCart or other open source e-commerce solution, we have concluded that Weebly is highly recommending for their faster support department.

Are you searching for an independent review to compare the customer support for these two e-commerce web site hosting companies? See the above statistics that clarifies our recommendation. Godaddy Web Hosting or Weebly Web Hosting? Is the $4.99 price tag by Godaddy Web Hosting better than Weebly Web Hosting, or the other way around? Should price be the key benchmark in choosing a web hosting and e-commerce provider? From what you have read and heard on the internet, they are both providing cheap web hosting packages but only one is more dependable to support your e-commerce website and that is Weebly Web Hosting.

If you really analyze and focus on doing web hosting comparison on support, performance and reliability between these two, Weebly came out the winner against Godaddy. Weebly scored better in a customer satisfaction research carried out by More than 85.6% of their customers think Weebly is a fantastic hosting. Another Weebly review was also impressed with customer satisfaction record of Weebly.

How Old is Godaddy compared to Weebly

Next, you want to look at the experience, capacity and even history of the web hosting company. You can search the web for Weebly and Godaddy on the World Wide Web and see how many results were returned for each of them. In this particular situation, we know that Godaddy is the more popular one. However, just take note that popularity and price are not the only important considerations in choosing an e-commerce web hosting service. You may think if a hosting is bigger means they are better, or it makes business sense to can save a few dollars, but think again – service can deteriorate and cheapest hosting may have an inverse impact on your business in the long run. In this case, we do not mind paying a few dollars extra a month to Weebly, because it can make a big difference to the smooth running of your e-commerce site.

Features of Godaddy as Compared to at Weebly?

So, now that you have the facts, make sure that Weebly can meet most of your hosting and business requirements. Make sure you visit Weebly for yourself. We also found that it is painless to have Zen Cart, X-Cart, AgoraCart, Cube Cart, Lite Commerce, Ubercart, OS Commerce, or ShopSite running on Weebly. They start from as low as $0.00 per month although you still need to decide which package suits your business requirements better. For more info about how Weebly scored against Godaddy, you can visit this Godaddy vs Weebly customer-satisfaction comparison review, or simply click here to visit Weebly and start your e-commerce application with them today.

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